Collaborative Project for Lakeridge Health
- Solving Client Problems through Motion Graphics

Click the button to visit You Tube Channel to look at the motion graphic video created for Lakeridge Health, to aid them in educating their patients


This project serves to educate the target audience of Lakeridge Health about the topic of Clinical trials. After a briefing from a Lakeridge Health representative, our team decided to go into the direction of short animated motion graphic videos to address and solve the issue of patient education and to alleviate patient fears of participating in clinical trials.

Vector image family
Vector Image waiting room
Vector Image lab

A few samples of vector graphics created for the short animated videos.


To produce short animated motion graphic videos to solve the clients issue of patient education and eleviation of fears of clinical trials participation. We also decided to couple these videos with posters to be placed in strategic locations to link to the videos through QR scanning codes.


As project leader, I began with a review of all team members strengths to be able to place them in roles most suited for thier abilities. I then came up with a schedule of mini deliverables to keep my team on track and to have everything prepared before the deadline.
After this, an intial brain storming of rough ideas, and a finalisation of exactly what we intented to deliver to the client was discussed. Soon a rough skect draft of the initial concept was presented to the client for approval. Once this was approved the team worked together on various aspects of the project, checking in with the client at various critica junctures until the final deliverables were approved and given to the Lakeridge Health representative.


Porject Lead
Client Communication Contact
Asset Creator
Motion Designer


After Effects

Motion Graphic Videos and Print Materials


To create a video aimed at aleviating the target audience fears about participating in clinical trials while giving them the tools to learn more about it.

Click on the image to view the video.


Two posters digitally prepared for print was created to use in conjunction with the motion graphic videos, One with the aim of letting patients know that Lakeridge Health has clinical trials and the other to reassure patients that clinical trials are not scary. Both of these posters are to be placed in areas of the hospital where there is not any areas for motion graphics to be displayed, but there is still a need for the videos to be accessed. In this case through QR scanning.