Restaurant Mobile App Project - A CASE STUDY
- Focus on Branding and Design for Mobile

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Using professor provided web-based framework, create content and design a Mobile Web App, for Family of Eateries group of restaurants and make it functional.

Birch Bistro Restaurant Logo
Crispy's Restaurant Logo
Cheviche Restaurant logo


To design a mobile application with captivating UX and UI design which is functional and captures the attention of the target audience in an easy to use interface. To create branding for the parent company of restaurants entitled Family of Eateries as well as for three subsidiary restaurants called Birch Bistro (a sandwich shop), Crispy’s (a burger and fries joint) and Cheviche (an upscale seafood restaurant).


Firstly, I started with coming up with logo concepts for the three restaurants and the parent company. Storyboard roughs of the screen layouts were created followed by a search for relevant stock images which allowed me to put together a massive restaurant mobile app photoshop file laying out all of the screens. Text content, catchy phrases and the wording for advertisements for the mobile app website was also imputed. It is only at this stage the design was placed into the framework code and edited and stylized.


Asset Creator
Coder - for design
Stock Asset Compiler



Family of Eateries Parent Company logo Design

Conceptual Restaurant Mobile App Design


An indepth view of the composition layout of all of the mobile app pages using photoshop. This layout was used to code the mobile application design elements. It also served the purpose of laying out all of the text content that I created for the application.

Photoshop Composition for all family of eatery pages

Initial Restaurant App Concepts

Initial Restaurant Mobile App Concepts

The beginning of this project was a bit different from the end result in design, but alot of the app concepts remained the same.

Birch Bistro Original Design and Feel

Family of Eateries initial sketch 1

Initial Sketch ideas of layout for entire application

Family of Eateries initial sketch 2

First photoshop mock up of possible screens

Photoshop Composition for all family of eatery pages