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The Piece “A Charmed Hallow’s Eve” is a promotional extension of the illustration for the cover page of a children’s story book which storyline is set in a small town on Halloween’s night.
The main story of the book circles a young teenage witch who decides to have a party at her creepy house on Halloween, But the night goes terribly wrong as she struggles to contain the actual ghosts and ghouls that also reside in her home.
The book needs a website to enhance online sales. A landing page is therefore needed. To attract young buyers, a CSS Animation of SVG assets for the extended illustration of “A Charmed Hallow’s has been produced.

A Charmed Hallow's Eve


to portray The house and the teenage witch flying in on the broomstick as the main focus of the illustration. This portion encompasses the actual book cover and is the same place where most of the story is set and main character of the story. The other elements of the party goers walking towards the house will be illustrated using puppet sticks as it symbolises their naivety of the situation. The stars above will also be moved using the same puppet sticks in order to correspond with the theme. In an effort to make the scene more magical while circular lights will also be animated. The wings of the bats and glowing eyes as well as lights going on and off in the house will also help bring the illustration to life.


Creating intial sketches. Working out a written animation sequence and then refining and drawing in illustrator as to create an svg for animation. Lastly using brackets the animation sequence was coded aith html and css.


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